sessions and dancing

SESSIONS: We hold a bimonthly mostly Irish house  session on the first and third Tuesdays at 6 30, at our home  in Bothell..
Susan's House Session: A few of the Tunes
Key Type Tune Name
Am Reel Bank of Ireland
G Reel Banshee, The
Jig Barney Bralligan’s
D Jig Bill Collin’s
Jig Blarney Pilgrim
D Reel Bonny Kate
Dm Reel Broken Pledge, The
D Reel Bucks of Oranmore
G Reel Christmas Eve
Am Reel Congress, The
D Jig Connaughtman’s Rambles
Dm Jig Cook in the Kitchen
Em Reel Drowsy Maggie
G Reel Father Kelly’s
Em Reel Flogging, The
Jig Foxhunter’s
Jig Geese in the Bog
Em Reel Golden Keyboard
G Reel Green Fields of America
Jig Haste to the Wedding
Am Reel High Reel, The
D Reel Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie
Jig Jimmy Ward’s
Dm Reel Jug of Punch
Dm Reel Julia Delaney
G Jig Kesh, The
Em Jig Kid on the Mountain
Reel Lads of Laoise
A Jig Langstrom’s Pony
Jig Lark in the Morning
D Reel Maid Behind the Bar
Reel Merry Blacksmith
A Reel Miss McLeod’s
Jig Mooncoin, The
Em Jig Morrison’s
Reel Mountain Road, The
Reel Mullen Dubh
Reel New Policeman, The
Reel Nine Points of Roguery
Reel O’Rourke’s
D Jig Old Joe
G Jig Out on the Ocean
Reel Over the Moore to Maggie
Reel Paddy Fahey’s
Gm Jig Paddy Fahey’s
D Jig Rambling Pitchfork
D Jig Rolling Waves
Reel Sally Gardens
Reel Sergeant Early’s Dream
Em Reel Ships are Sailing
D Reel Silver Spear
D Reel Silver Spire
Reel Skylark, The
Reel Sligo Maid
D Slide Star Above the Garter
D Jig Star Above the Garter, The
Reel Star of Munster
Am Jig Tenpenney Bit
D Jig Tobin’s Favorite
Reel Traveler, The
D Reel Trip to Durrow
D Jig Tripping Up the Stairs
D Reel Wind That Shakes the Barley
Reel Wise Maid, The
G Reel Woman of the House